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Number one reason to get a job:

  1. Concert tickets and band shirts
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it literally stresses me out how much good music there is that i still haven’t listened to


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Summertime Blues… Again

After a year of hell, the pain only continues. I’ve been through so much and have struggled so hard to keep my head above water, but it still feels like I’m drowning.

On New Years Day, I had major abdominal surgery in which 2 feet of my small intestine, my appendix, and part of my colon was removed. I’ve been sick ever since with only minor recovery.

The day I returned home, a pipe burst and flooded most of my house, including my jam space which left me without a place to ease my mind for 2 months.

Soon afterward, out back porch caught fire that left significant damage to the side of the house.

With each event, I’ve only seemed to fall deeper and deeper into a dark abyss.

With my frustration and sadness mounting, my girlfriend leaves me again. She says she needs time to take care of herself, which I can understand, given my general state of mind.

Fuck you, 2014. Fuck you.



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Well, they messed up the company name, Nothing Too Fancy. However, this review comes from outside of the standard realm and has some valid criticisms which are well written. Worth the read. 


Let’s go, smokes….


Let’s go, smokes….

Been working on my jazz chops all morning.  Then my dad called. 
Switching to metal again cause my family sucks and my dad’s the worst of them. 


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